Ethan Brown

Remsburg’s La Crosse Eagles

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  • Ethan Brown 10/09/2019 3:07 PM
    So far I would say that my challenge has been going pretty well. The challenge that I chose what to eat one meal a day that did not contain meat and it is actually pretty difficult because it makes you think about what foods you can and cannot eat, which I am not used to. I am used to picking foods that I do and do not like, but now I have to actually think about what foods contain meat or not. But overall, I have eaten one meal a day with no meat since the start of the eco-challenge and it is making me eat more healthy than I normally do. Before I would have a salad probably every other day or longer than that but now I am having one almost every day and it is actually making me feel really good.

    • Hannah Trautsch 10/09/2019 7:20 PM
      Hi Ethan! Thats a great challenge to do. I feel as though that could be really challenging, but after a while of staying in that habit hopefully it will become easier for you! Has there been any huge specific changes that you have noticed with your overall health now that you cut meat out for a meal?

    • Alex Kane 10/09/2019 6:17 PM
      This is a great way to start eating healthier. What are some other foods, besides salad, that you have been able to eat?