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  • Bill Denham 5/24/2017 6:20 PM
    I am loving the readings this week. This prophetic vision seems ideally suited for Reedwood . . . but I fear that it may be a hard sell? We'll see.
  • Bill Denham 5/13/2017 7:58 PM
    I have just finished making a California Redwood Little Library that we have mounted on our street corner. We will be able to share books free with each other now in our community. This summer we will do a street party for a "Grand Opening" for our little library. I have also joined the Board of Directors for the Reed College Neighborhood Association, thinking about the future and what part Reedwood Friends Church might be able to play in the community as cars become fewer and as neighborhoods become more important--perhaps a community garden or perhaps some low income housing or perhaps building a swale to catch the water from our parking lot.
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    • Cherice Bock 5/15/2017 2:12 PM
      I love this, Bill! Where did you get the stained glass? So beautiful! I love all your ideas for how Reedwood might get involved in the local neighborhood, too. In the next two weeks, we'll be working more on putting together plans for going forward, and how people at Reedwood might want to put all these ideas into practice by starting to take some small steps in the direction of sustainability and environmental awareness, and its connection to faith. Will you bring these photos to show around on Wednesday, please?
  • Bill Denham 5/07/2017 8:48 PM
    I understand your connection to the land around Newberg. You are raising the fourth generation of Oregonians. But I am newly arrived (three years) and I live in Portland in the Reed College Neighborhood. So I do not feel a super deep generational connection to the area. I do observe the beauty . . . as I have observed the beauty of the earth at every place I have lived . . . West Virginia, North Carolina, Hawaii, California, Iowa, even Chicago, Illinois . . . but I don't know how to create community in our individualistic society. I experience the goodness of folks at Reedwood but I don't know how to connect in a deeply personal way that seems necessary to form a real community . . . which I believe is an essential ingredient to our survival. Any ideas?

    • Cherice Bock 5/08/2017 8:38 AM
      Bill, this is a great question, and one that the church is definitely struggling with right now. Some people are talking about creating more of a parish model of church, so you're part of a church in your neighborhood rather than driving a long ways. If you live in the Reed area, you probably already do this, which is great! Check out the work of the Parish Collective for more on this. http://parishcollective.org/

      A church I know of in north Portland, Salt & Light Lutheran, did a series of community gatherings in people's homes, etc., to find out the needs of the community and how the church could partner with them to meet those needs, and is basically a hub for a local economy and social network for entrepreneurial endeavors, many of which are "green" and/or coming out of the lower strata of the economic ladder. For stuff you can do personally, you can try to do a block party or something of the sort in your neighborhood, and start getting to know who lives nearby and how you can be supportive of one another.
  • Bill Denham 5/04/2017 10:00 AM
    We are sorry to have missed both Sunday and Wednesday's sessions. Sunday my first cousins, whom I had not seen for more than 60 years and her husband, Jane and Warren, were in town to visit us, so we had lunch with them at TOAST. Last night, our Dance for Parkinson's teacher, Virginia Dare, who is a costume maker for the Portland Opera, had given us free tickets to view the dress rehearsal of La Boheme. Virginia had made the costume for Mimi, the female lead. I am reading Surviving the Future by David Flemming which is base on the premise that our current system is unsustainable and we need to think in sustainable ways--a very radical approach to out future that address the question I posed at the first class about how do we think about a new "non-capitalist" future.

    • Cherice Bock 5/05/2017 8:42 AM
      Sounds like a great book! Sorry you weren't able to be there for the last couple sessions, but that's wonderful you got to see your cousins. See you soon, I hope.
  • Bill Denham 4/30/2017 7:31 PM
    Well, I'm having a really hard time doing this. I spoke with Charisse about it and she suggested that I plan a rest challenge, which I haven't done. I tried to read the homework assignments and finally gave up because, it was not telling me anything I didn't already know about the world we live in and I simply was not interested in the scriptural basis of caring for creation. It seems like a no-brainer to me. I'm sure some people are interested but just not me. We watched a PBS show on oceans and aqua farming which was informative, as well as scary. The most reassuring part was the kelp farming which puts nothing into and takes nothing out of the environment while growing this nutritious food source. I also read an amazing interview with a man who lives with animals for years at a time and forms incredible relationships with wild turkeys, mule deer and big horn sheep and confirms the complexity of their beings which is equal to our own . . . just make me sad to be living in such a spaced out period of history.

    • Cherice Bock 5/01/2017 2:25 PM
      Thanks for sharing, Bill! We'll get to hope--and how to maintain it--next week. Hang in there! I think rest is a huge part of maintaining hope, so keep giving yourself permission to rest, even if you don't post about it here.
  • Bill Denham 4/24/2017 2:37 PM
    We watched a documentary on bottled water that was entirely disturbing. What was most disturbing was the primacy of greed in the three corporate players--Nestle, Coke and Pepsi and their total lack of any sense of community responsibility for the communities they invaded and ripped off. Equally disturbing was the lack of FDA regulation, insured by the corporate decisions to only sell the water within the state where it was extracted. A further shocking disturbance was the chemicals found in the separate analyses of the water, many of which were being leached from the bottles. And finally the presence of the ocean grave yards for the plastic and the human cost of living in the neighborhood of the oil refineries that create the root products that are turned into the clear plastic bottles.