Simone Gee

Fall 2019 April Ann's ESR 171!

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    meatless or vegan meals
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Simone's Actions


Reduce Animal Products

I will enjoy 2 meatless meal(s) and/or 2 vegan meal(s) each day this week.



Learn About & Practice Sustainable Fashion

I will learn about sustainable fashion and begin trying to practice it in my own life.

One-Time Action


Buy From a Farmers Market

I will purchase produce and meat from a local farmers market or food co-op.

One-Time Action


Use a Reusable Water Bottle

I will keep 3 disposable plastic bottle(s) from entering the waste stream by using a reusable water bottle.



  • Simone Gee 10/26/2019 5:21 PM
    Little bit of a challenge this week only because I am travelling with others, but I made sure to bring my bottle, and choose meatless meals when possible

  • Simone Gee 10/23/2019 7:34 PM
    Really becoming routine now. I make a simple salad a couple times a day and eat a meatless breakfast of fruit or bread. As for the water bottle? It goes everywhere with me!

  • Simone Gee 10/17/2019 12:07 PM
    Nervously studying for the exam while drinking from my reusable bottle and eating a meatless salad 
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Learn About & Practice Sustainable Fashion
    How can you express your personality, creativity, and values in ways that don't require fast fashion or buying more clothes and accessories?

    Simone Gee 10/16/2019 10:49 PM
    Making smart choices on clothing that consists of natural fibers and preferably bought second hand. The. Being content with what you have and its quality lasting for a long time.

  • Simone Gee 10/16/2019 10:46 PM
    Holding steady onto my goals 

  • Simone Gee 10/15/2019 9:06 AM
    Brining my water bottle everywhere helps a lot. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    Why do people in richer countries eat more meat than people in other places? How does eating more meat affect our planet and other people?

    Simone Gee 10/08/2019 2:37 PM
    It effects a lot. It requires more resources to Grow animals especially beef. It also is something that doesnt reflect positively within our bodies. Our species was not created to consume meat everyday and so studies like the china study have shown that more animal protein consumption can lead to cancer growth  
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use a Reusable Water Bottle
    While water bottles are needed for health and safety in certain places, we can do more to reduce the unnecessary use of them. What are the barriers to you using reusable bottles and tap water instead of bottled water? How could you make this a permanent habit?

    Simone Gee 10/08/2019 2:34 PM
    The only barrier is me not remembering to take. my bottle with me. I purposely got a small one so that i will more encouraged to take it with me.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Buy From a Farmers Market
    What is one food choice that you make, or could make, that would do more good and less harm?

    Simone Gee 10/08/2019 2:32 PM
    I think a choice I can make is to ensure I am buying food thats in season. That way I am supporting produce that is ripening now and wont go to waste by choose something else.