Madison Kline

PLNU Sustainable Superstars SUMMER 20

"Sustainability is a lifestyle - Rodrigo Diaz"

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Madison's Actions


Support Businesses Owned by People of Color

Racial inequity is both a sustainability and justice problem. I will support businesses owned by people of color in my community whenever I shop.



Needs Vs. Wants

I will adopt a "Needs Vs. Wants" approach and only buy things I need.



Healthy Sleep

Effectively working for sustainability requires self care! I will commit to getting 30 more minute(s) of sleep each night to achieve at least 7 hours per night.



Reduce Animal Products

I will enjoy 2 meatless meal(s) and/or 1 vegan meal(s) each day this week.



Prevent Recycling Contamination

Contamination prevents what is recyclable from being recycled. I will spend 30 minutes researching which materials are accepted by local haulers or drop stations in my community and recycle only those items.



Tend a Garden

I will tend to a garden each day, work on starting one, or find a local community garden to get involved with.



Track my Purchases

I will spend 15 minutes each day maintaining a record of all my purchases and learning about my spending habits.



  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    Why do people in richer countries eat more meat than people in other places? How does eating more meat affect our planet and other people?

    Madison Kline 6/17/2020 10:39 AM
    There is a clear link with wealth when looking at patterns of meat consumption across the world. When we compare consumption across different countries we see that, typically, the richer we are the more meat we eat. There are not just more people in the world - there are more people who can afford to eat meat. Unfortunately, eating more meat affects our planet and people. Increasing animal consumption increases land used to raise animals instead of crops, precious water and soil are lost, trees are cut down to make land for grazing or factory-farm sheds, and untreated animal waste pollutes rivers and streams. These are just some of the affects of eating meat.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Healthy Sleep
    Consider how many hours of sleep you get now. How would you like to shift your sleep patterns? What are you finding works for you to be successful in this action?

    Madison Kline 6/11/2020 9:43 AM
    My sleep habits have recently shifted in the past year or so. I used to be able to fall asleep by 9/10pm but now I have to force myself to try to fall asleep by 12/1AM. I would love to set my sleep back by at least an hour so I can wake up earlier without feeling exhausted. I recently downloaded Sleep Cycle on my phone so hopefully that will work for me. Has anyone used the app I'm referring too?

  • Madison Kline 6/07/2020 4:29 PM
    Guys!! Check out my plants after only three weeks.. Bibb, Oak leaf, Oregano, Thyme, and Dill have all sprouted. Now I'm just waiting on the Onion and Parsley :)
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Tend a Garden
    Have you ever had a significant experience in nature that altered your perspective or focus? If so, please describe it.

    Madison Kline 6/07/2020 4:25 PM
    I can't say that I have had a significant experience in nature that has altered my perspective or focus but I can say that I have really enjoyed growing my own plants and plan to dive deeper into this new found hobby of mine. 
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Prevent Recycling Contamination
    What have you learned about what is accepted by local haulers for recycling, what you can drop off or ship to certain places, and what is not recyclable in your area? What is the most difficult part of recycling for you?

    Madison Kline 6/07/2020 4:22 PM
    I have learned that all food & beverage containers like milk, soda, water, salad dressings, cooking oil, yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers, etc. is accepted by local haulers for recycling. Common items that are mistakenly thrown in recycling bins include plastic utensils, candy bar wrappers, diapers, electronics and clothes. The most difficult part of recycling for me is taking the time to rinse the containers out before I put them in the recycling. It was an extra step in my day that I'm now adjusted to and don't mind doing it at all anymore.

  • Madison Kline 5/27/2020 10:10 AM

    Effortless and inexpensive! This 2'X4' raised garden box cost me less then $40 dollars to build! So excited to see how my little plants grow.
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Track my Purchases
    What have you noticed about your purchases? Where are you inclined to make shifts, if any?

    Madison Kline 5/26/2020 7:51 PM
    From tracking my purchases I have noticed that I pay for a lot of monthly subscriptions. I absolutely plan to make shifts in my subscriptions by canceling 80-90% of them. During these times, I want to save money and make sure I'm spending consciously.