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Casey Meehan

Western Technical College - Fall 2021

"Just trying to do my part to renew the world....joyfully"

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Casey's Actions


Mindfulness Practice

I will spend 15 minute(s) per day practicing Mindfulness.



5-Minute Showers

I will save up to 20 gallons (75 L) of water each day by taking 5-minute showers.



Support Native Communities

I will use the resource links provided below and spend 60 minutes learning about the native populations that lived in my area prior to colonization, and what I can do to support those that still exist.

One-Time Action


Joyful Movement

I will spend 20 minutes doing an activity where I'm both moving my body and enjoying myself.



Go get a check up

I will make an appointment for my annual physical.

One-Time Action


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    Casey Meehan 10/18/2021 1:20 PM
    Happy Monday!  Welcome to everyone's favorite day of the week!  While we're thinking about it, have you heard of Meatless Monday?  Meatless Monday is a growing movement to reduce by at least one serving the amount of meat you eat today.  Sure, going meatless is better for peoples' health in general, but did you know shifting to a plant-rich diet is one of the best things someone in the U.S. can do to reduce climate change?  It's true!  Skipping one serving of beef every Monday for a year saves the equivalent emissions to driving 348 miles in a car.

  • Casey Meehan's avatar
    Casey Meehan 10/08/2021 7:20 AM
    Friday Fun Fact:  Did you know that in the US 30-40% of our food ends up in the garbage?  Say what?!  Aside from the fact that millions in our country and billions worldwide experience food insecurity, wasted food is also a climate problem.  Food that goes to the landfill ends up releasing methane, which is about 25x more powerful at trapping heat in our atmosphere than carbon dioxide.  One of the best things that Americans can do for climate change is waste less food and compost the food scraps you do have.

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    Casey Meehan 10/04/2021 1:42 PM
    How did you first check in go today?  Take a minute to post to the feed a sentence or two about why you chose one of your actions....   

    My headspace was just getting too darn cluttered.  A busy mind is not sustainable for's a recipe for burnout.  I decided to challenge myself during these three weeks to practice 15 minutes of mindfulness each day.  Day one = check!

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    Casey Meehan 10/01/2021 9:00 AM
    Just 3 days until we start the challenge!  Be sure to choose your actions, and while you're at it, invite some friends and colleagues to take the challenge with us!