Belinda Wan

Sustainable Bucknell

"I will try to give back to the environment as much as I can and try to be aware of my actions for other people, for myself, and for the natural world."

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Explore My Area

I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

One-Time Challenge


Volunteer in my Community

I will volunteer 3 hour(s) in my community during the challenge.

One-Time Challenge


Less Screen Time

I will replace 60 minute(s) of screen time each day with other activities.



Power Down the Computer

I will power down my computer and monitor when not using it for more than 2 hours, saving up to (1.1) lbs of CO2 each day that I do this.



Spend Time Outside

I will replace 30 minute(s) each day typically spent inside (computer time, watching television, etc.) with quality time outside.




I will write down three things every day that I am grateful for, or send one email every day thanking or praising someone.



Compost Food Waste

I will avoid sending up to .69 lbs (.31 kg) of food waste to the landfill each day by composting my food or learning how to.



  • Reflection Question
    Waste Compost Food Waste
    New to composting? Be sure to check out the action resource links to learn tips and more about it. As you transition from throwing food away to composting, what do you notice about how much you are tossing? How will you use your compost once it is ready?

    Belinda Wan 10/17/2018 5:06 PM
    I notice that I toss very little stuff in the compost (and trash) which makes me proud that I eat everything I cook and when I do compost, it will help the garden outside by turning into dirt! I know that compost is a way to recycle organic matter that would otherwise be thrown away into dirt/fertilizer for growing more food, or for other uses.
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Explore My Area
    How might spending more time outdoors enhance your brainpower?

    Belinda Wan 10/15/2018 12:51 PM
    Refusing to touch my phone and taking a hike outside allowed me to noitce much more things than I would usually if I was walking around campus with music in my ears or reading on my phone. In my hike, I was able to notice more, stop at my leisure, and simply enjoy the day. Although it did make me sad when the few birds and the few chipmunks that I passed by fled, I was still able to have a sense of peace and see myself from a distance. Although I see my self as a sort of intruder on this trail, it still helped ground where I was.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Happiness
    How does/can practicing gratitude keep you centered and motivated to work for a better world?

    Belinda Wan 10/15/2018 12:47 PM
    Several times I forgot to write these down, and sometimes I do. I find that when I write them down, and looking back on what made me feel thankful, I see so many things to be happy and grateful for. I feel like it helps to improve my spirit and gives me the extra push to do more and help others to have them be happy about something too!
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Spend Time Outside
    Rachel Carson said that we need the beauty and mysteries of the natural world for our spiritual and emotional development. Does that ring true for you? What are the implications for a culture that spends most of its time indoors?

    Belinda Wan 9/18/2018 4:48 PM
    I believe Rachel Carson's saying is true. In spending up to almost an hour outside instead of inside, without looking at my phone, gave me a chance to simply enjoy the day and relax. I found that later I was able to concentrate on homework more and managed to get many assignments finished quickly, in what I believe was good effort. I feel like this implies that indoors, we get disassociated with what goes on around us and we are unable to focus on the more simple things in life, leading us to be unable to focus on what we need to do. We aren't able to relax as easily, and are as easily swayed by the whims of our electronics. 
  • Reflection Question
    Community Volunteer in my Community
    What is one thing you can do to help your community become more sustainable?

    Belinda Wan 9/16/2018 2:28 PM
    Helping out at the Mifflinburg Farm trip was a lot of fun and was extremely rewarding in that I was able to help people doing a good thing for farm animals. I can help my community become more sustainable by encouraging volunteering and helping those who may need help.
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  • Reflection Question
    Energy Power Down the Computer
    What are other easy things you could do to save energy and reduce your environmental footprint?

    Belinda Wan 9/14/2018 9:21 PM
    I could unplug my phone charger, or turn off the main cord when I am not using it, and turn off or unplug anything else that is not being used.
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Less Screen Time
    What did you notice in implementing this challenge? Was it hard to choose other activities over screen time? How did you decide to spend your time?

    Belinda Wan 9/14/2018 12:56 PM
    It was difficult to not look at my screen for 60 minutes, because of all the notifications, but in the end this helped me greatly because I was able to get a solid hour of studying in.

  • Belinda Wan 9/14/2018 10:34 AM
    I have always respected the environment and the living things in it, which to me includes people, animals, plants, and more. I know that eariler in my life I was ignorant about the environmental issues that occur around me and paid no attention to it. A few years ago, I watched a few documentaries on food sources, the impact on the environment and other issues. This drove me to realize that I was a part of the problem and I wanted to fix that. Slowly I incorporated small changes to my life style that would help the environment, myself, and my family be more conscious of the world around us. This is also want to continue and slowly improve myself more and more.