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EBS Eco Challenger 2019 Feed

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  • Ankit  Singh's avatar
    Ankit Singh 10/08/2020 4:17 AM
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use a Reusable Water Bottle
    While water bottles are needed for health and safety in certain places, we can do more to reduce the unnecessary use of them. What are the barriers to you using reusable bottles and tap water instead of bottled water? How could you make this a permanent habit?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 8:27 AM
    Try to reuse the bottles and make a habit not to store bottles in stock
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use a Reusable Mug
    Maybe you've heard how good it is to switch from a single use coffee cup to a reusable one, but it's just hard to make the switch. What stands in your way of making this a habit? By identifying the challenges, you can begin to work through them to have better success in taking this action. Knowing the difference you are making, how does it make you feel?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 8:22 AM

    Always try my best to use the material which can be reusable
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use Reusable Bags
    What do you do if you find yourself in the situation of needing a bag for items but don't have a reusable one with you or aren't allowed to use the one you brought? Carry things out in your hands? In a cart? Accept a disposable one? If you find yourself in this position often, what system could you put in place to try to create a successful habit of not using plastic bags?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 8:21 AM
    Always take reusable bags with me..
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Advocate For More Food Packaging Options
    What concerns you the most about how we are affecting the planet? Consider both local and global actions.

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 8:19 AM
    Pollution is everywhere. From the trash thrown out on the freeway, to the millions of metric tons of pollution pumped into the atmosphere every year- it's obvious, pollution and waste are inescapable. 
    Global warming is arguably the greatest cause of impact to the environment. The largest of causes emanating through CO₂ levels from respiration to more detrimental causes like burning fossil fuels and deforestation.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Learn More about Food Apartheid
    What can lack of access to nutritious food affect a community? How can having access to nutritious food help a community become more resilient?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 8:15 AM
    Another study examining the relationship between healthy food access and produce consumption in a large metropolitan area found that better geographic accessibility to multiple grocery stores is associated with increased fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Launch a Recycling Program
    How might thinking creatively help us address big systems problems differently?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 7:07 AM
    it is creative thinking that drives progress forward when it comes to solving these problems. Exceptional creative thinkers are people that invent new solutions to existing problems that do not rely on past or current solutions. They are the ones who invent solution C when everyone else is still arguing between A and B. Creative thinking skills involve using strategies to clear the mind so that our thoughts and ideas can transcend the current limitations of a problem and allow us to see beyond barriers that prevent new solutions from being found.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Support Pollution Reduction
    What environmental factors affect human health in your region, and how do they affect it?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 3:33 AM
    Changes in temperature (heat waves or cold spells) has a significant impact on health
    Sunlight is a major factor in the synthesis of Vitamin D a very important vitamin to humans. However, the toxic effects of ultraviolet light from sunlight is a major concern for human health because of its relation to skin cancer and premature aging.
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Choose Two-Sided Printing
    Choosing two-sided printing can be an easy adjustment on your computer settings. How can you help others make this same switch? Can it be encouraged company wide?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 3:27 AM
    Yes, Because it will save the paper. It can be applicable for company wide as make the default selection of two side printing.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Meet My Local Farmers
    When you know who produces your food, you are connecting personally to your complex regional food system. What are the advantages of knowing who produces your food and where it comes from? How can knowing their food producers enable someone to advocate for a better quality of life for those who produce their food, both near and far?

    Jyoti  Mishra's avatar
    Jyoti Mishra 5/17/2019 3:24 AM
    yes, it will be beneficial