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  • Reflection Question
    Energy Upgrade My Windows
    How does improving your home's energy efficiency help you better live out your values?

    Best Man EVER 3/01/2020 7:34 AM
    I have tried to convince my family to switch to some type of renewable energy.
  • Reflection Question
    Community Host a Viewing Party
    How does environmental quality influence your sense of community?

    Best Man EVER 3/01/2020 7:33 AM
    My community has started trying to be more aware of their suroundungs and help this planet
  • Reflection Question
    Community Raise Money For a Nonprofit
    How do/can programs help you develop a stronger sense of community?

    Best Man EVER 3/01/2020 7:29 AM
    It helps be aware of the world around me and helps me set goals to help th ecommunity

  • Best Man EVER 3/01/2020 7:28 AM
    i am goooooooood yhpu iyb

  • Best Man EVER 2/29/2020 3:26 PM

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