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  • Reflection Question
    Health Learn More about Food Apartheid
    What can lack of access to nutritious food affect a community? How can having access to nutritious food help a community become more resilient?

    Kathryn Nelson's avatar
    Kathryn Nelson 4/30/2022 9:26 PM
    Lack of access to nutritious food can effect a community by leading to increased health risks, less access to food, and poverty. Having access to nutritious food helps a community become more resilient by increasing the general health of a community so that they can better focus on other important things in their lives.
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Go for a Daily Walk
    How do you experience your neighborhood or city differently when walking instead of driving?

    Kathryn Nelson's avatar
    Kathryn Nelson 4/30/2022 9:19 PM
    When walking, I found that I could more closely observe my surroundings and enjoy nature more. When outside of the barrier a car or house creates, you become part of nature and feel a stronger connection to it.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Exercise Daily
    How can you incorporate other personal values (like quality time with friends or spending time in nature) into your exercise routine?

    Kathryn Nelson's avatar
    Kathryn Nelson 4/30/2022 9:09 PM
    I already take walks outside and ride my bike outdoors as exercise so I think I have the nature part pretty well covered, but I could also invite my friends to come with me to get some social interaction in.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Joyful Movement
    What's your favorite activity(ies) in which you experience joy while being active and moving?

    Kathryn Nelson's avatar
    Kathryn Nelson 4/30/2022 9:07 PM
    My favorite activities are riding my bike and going on walks outside my house. I did those things the most often to exercise during this challenge (and went overboard almost every day).
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating is healthier for us than eating with distractions. How do your eating experiences differ when practicing mindfulness?

    Kathryn Nelson's avatar
    Kathryn Nelson 4/30/2022 9:05 PM
    I don't think my experiences differed too much when I ate without my phone. I was just bored for the meals I ate alone. I can't really think of any major differences.
  • Reflection Question
    Water Fix Leaky Faucets
    Fixing leaky faucets is one of the tasks that we can easily put off until later. Good job on completing this action! How will you use the momentum from completing this action to increase your water efficiency in other ways?

    Ethan Taylor's avatar
    Ethan Taylor 4/28/2022 11:25 AM
     My shower leaks water pretty consistently while in use, and now seemed like a good time to finally fix that
  • Reflection Question
    Water Insulate Water Pipes and Water Heater
    How do you think climate change will affect your region’s water supply? Think about the effects of weather, storms, salinity, and sea level rise, among other changes. How can you find out more about climate change’s impact to your region's water?

    Ethan Taylor's avatar
    Ethan Taylor 4/28/2022 11:16 AM
    Well Illinois in general doesn't have a whole lot of fresh water bodies, but we do have the Mississippi river right next to us, so if the sea levels rise that could become problematic
  • Reflection Question
    Energy Online Energy Audit
    What most interested or surprised you about your own energy footprint? What changes did you make or will you make?

    Ethan Taylor's avatar
    Ethan Taylor 4/28/2022 11:15 AM
    I definitely use more than I had hoped to, but I wasn't very surprised by the results. In the future, I will be sure to remember to turn off things I'm not using before I walk away

  • Tyler Scott's avatar
    Tyler Scott 4/27/2022 3:56 PM
    This eco challenge has been hard to do. some days I will completely forget what I have to do and miss days sometimes multiple days in a row. But it has been fun so far
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Less Screen Time
    What did you notice in implementing this challenge? Was it hard to choose other activities over screen time? How did you decide to spend your time?

    Miranda Bakii's avatar
    Miranda Bakii 4/26/2022 3:16 PM
    I always like to take walks or just listen do some homework instead of being on my phone or computer.