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  • Alyssa Jocson Porter's avatar
    Alyssa Jocson Porter 4/29/2021 2:31 PM
    One of the actions I chose was to watch a documentary about food sovereignty. I watched "Abundant land : soil, seeds, and sovereignty" and learned about how corporate agriculture has negatively impacted the Hawaiian islands' environment and harmed the residents, especially native & indigenous peoples.

    This documentary is available for SCC folks to watch for free via our library database, Academic Video Online. Here's a direct link to the film:
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Choose a Carbon Offset
    A round-trip flight from New York City to Los Angeles emits just over 1.5 tons of CO2—per person. That’s a lot of carbon! What can you do to reduce the number of flights you take per year?

    Adam M Maurer's avatar
    Adam M Maurer 4/20/2021 9:59 AM
    Most of my family and friends are back in the northeast, so it's hard to give up flying completely, plus there are beautiful places in the world I still want to see. Offsetting my flight emissions at least reduces my guilt. I could commit to one flight home for family and one vacation flight per year. 

  • Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/27/2020 9:16 AM
    Can't believe we're over halfway through!

  • Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/26/2020 4:40 PM
    Making vegetable stock from kitchen scraps today!
  • Reflection Question
    Community Support Businesses Owned by People of Color
    A recent Keen Independent Research Foundation study found that Minority Businesses Enterprises (MBEs) are more likely to have difficulties in receiving loans or city contracts. In what ways can you work to address systemic racism like that demonstrated in this study?

    Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/25/2020 8:21 PM
    It's hard to know where to start with systemic racism, especially when we're talking about a specialized field. Many small businesses are hurting now & will be needing loans, so it's going to be more important than ever to support them as advocates as well as customers.

  • Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/25/2020 8:13 PM
    Hope everybody's EcoChallenge is going well! We're almost halfway there!
  • Reflection Question
    Food Choose Organic Ingredients
    Many people say that “you can’t feed the world with just organic food.” How would you respond to that statement?

    Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/22/2020 10:46 AM
    It's been done before... so...
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating is healthier for us than eating with distractions. How do your eating experiences differ when practicing mindfulness?

    Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/22/2020 10:45 AM
    Food isn't just nutrition, it's tradition & culture! Meals are a time to heal and connect with other folks at the table
  • Reflection Question
    Food Locally-Sourced Meals
    If you were to only eat what is in season locally from now on, what would be the most difficult food item for you to give up? Why?

    Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/22/2020 10:44 AM
    Coffee :(
    probably followed by luxurious tropical fruits & avocados
  • Reflection Question
    Health More Fruits and Veggies
    How does eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat positively affect yourself, other people, and our planet?

    Elijah Garrard's avatar
    Elijah Garrard 4/21/2020 11:06 AM
    A lot of folks in my life are vegetarian already, so it's never been a meat-vs-fruit/vegetables situation. It's tough because grains and starches are cheaper, and easy to justify buying in bulk. With fruits & veggies there's always the fear of waste.