Spring 2019 BUS 475 at PLNU Feed

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  • Tessera Warholic 1/31/2019 9:12 PM
    I have really loved incorporating the 5 minutes of meditation into my day. It has really helped me to lower my stress levels.
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Recycle Everything I Can
    What have you learned about what is accepted by local haulers for recycling, what you can drop off or ship to certain places, and what is not recyclable in your area? What is the most difficult part of recycling for you?

    Madison Bright 1/31/2019 2:25 PM
    San Diego has a lot more things and options of things that can be recycled vs california 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    Why do people in richer countries eat more meat than people in other places? How does eating more meat affect our planet and other people?

    Emme Fridge 1/23/2019 2:08 PM
    Americans seem to have the mentality that if we've worked hard enough we can earn anything we want. This american dream makes us believe we've earned everything and are responsible for nothing. We feel untouchable. We need to start understanding that all of our actions have an affect on others, maybe we would stop making our choices based on our desires and start making them on others needs.
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Walk Instead
    Half of all trips made in the US are three miles or less; 72% of them are driven. Do you feel that this fact applies to you? If so, how might you incorporate more muscle-powered transportation in your daily life?

    Emme Fridge 1/23/2019 1:32 PM
    Yes this fact applies to me. I live a mile from school and still choose to drive sometimes. It feels silly to waste money and fuel when it is so simple for me to walk, bike, or catch a ride. I want to continue to try and use muscle-power to get myself to these short distances. 
  • Reflection Question
    Health Happiness
    How does/can practicing gratitude keep you centered and motivated to work for a better world?

    Madison Bright 1/22/2019 5:07 PM
    a more focused and better me allows me to approach sustaining the world and my gratitude towards it in my best way
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Go for a Daily Walk
    How do you experience your neighborhood or city differently when walking instead of driving?

    Alixandria Hanson 1/16/2019 6:21 PM
    I actually got to meet people on my walk and go by the ocean which broke  up my day and let me get to know a new friend that I went on the walk with.
  • Reflection Question
    Health Happiness
    How does/can practicing gratitude keep you centered and motivated to work for a better world?

    Alixandria Hanson 1/16/2019 6:20 PM
    I believe our mindset directly impacts our actions. The thoughts we have will manifest themselves into our world by the things we do or don't do.

  • Tessera Warholic 1/15/2019 9:20 PM
    last night I went to bed early and got 7.5 hours of sleep! I feel better then usual and want to try for 8 hours next
  • Reflection Question
    Water 5-Minute Showers
    Five minute showers are an impressive step toward reducing your water footprint. What is the next step you can take?

    Ben DeHaan 1/15/2019 9:33 AM
    This morning I took a five minute shower and I was really cold this morning so I am impressed with myself.