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Campus EcoChallenge gives you the tools and inspiration to create change and contribute to a sustainable future.
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The Campus EcoChallenge is powered by Northwest Earth Institute. Take the challenge and make a difference for your campus, and the world! Team up with students from your school, and take action on the issues that you care about during the Campus EcoChallenge.

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  • May 8 at 11:32 AM
    Changed my behavior slightly as I've used washable cups and mugs instead of trying to use portable water bottles all the time and it seems to be helping me out both physically and environmentally.
  • May 8 at 9:55 AM
    My goal was to become more vegan than just vegetarian in order to help stop emissions of some of the greenhouse gasses that  are emitted from farming. It went very well except for one slip up of a bagel with cream cheese. It was actually really easy I just ate more veggies, fruits and salads.
  • May 2 at 7:17 PM
    So my goal was to reduce the amount of plastic waste I typically send to the landfill per day by using reuseable water bottles (like the ones we got from the People Co-op) and to fill it up on a daily basis. However, my results from trying to achieve these two goals were pretty interesting. First, I noticed a significant decrease in my overall...