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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 2 Name: Point Loma Nazarene University Teams: PLNU Sustainable Sealions Spring 2019 BUS 475 at PLNU Sustainable Sealion Superstars PLNU Sustainable Superstars SP 2020 PLNU Sustainability in Action (BUS475) PLNU Sustainable Superstars SUMMER 20 BUS 4075 FA20 Serious about Sustainability teammates: 132 Total Points: 170059  
Rank: 3 Name: Hawaii Pacific University Teams: Green Sharks HPU Green Team HAGE JEELA HPU Sharkys 808sharks Team Green Eco Organic The Loraxes Eco Warriors Green Goblins Ninja Turtles Fruity Pebbles Natural Beauties Pollution Patrol Rainbow Warriors sustainabilitysh4rks Infinity, Matt, Puka-HPU Sustainability Sisters teammates: 80 Total Points: 62375  
Rank: 4 Name: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Teams: Emma R Josh Hood Team Name Morgan Solie UWLBRAUN2020 Carley Porter Maddie Gibson Naomi Niesman Kaleigh Roeder UWL ENV WELLIK Emily Goodbrand Saving Planet A Aaron Anderson UWL Remsburg 201 La Crosse UWL Outdoor Connection UWL Team Wellik Online teammates: 221 Total Points: 53173  
Rank: 5 Name: Bucknell University Teams: BucknellRandos ENST 246: Fall 2020 Sustainable Bucknell ENST 246 : Environmental Activism teammates: 124 Total Points: 36663  
Rank: 6 Name: Family and friends Teams: Brockmann Green Revolution teammates: 31 Total Points: 33158  
Rank: 7 Name: University of St. Thomas Teams: The Real Quaranteam Neighborhood Student Advisors University of St. Thomas - Class of 2020 University of St. Thomas - Class of 2021 University of St. Thomas - Class of 2022 University of St. Thomas - Class of 2023 University of St. Thomas - Faculty & Staff University of St. Thomas - Dougherty Family College University of St. Thomas - Graduate & Professional Students teammates: 271 Total Points: 31003  
Rank: 8 Name: Viterbo University Teams: Pledge to Go Green! Pledge To Go Green! teammates: 347 Total Points: 29556  
Rank: 9 Name: University of Wisconsin La Crosse Teams: Emma Test Tyler Macy S Remsburg La Crosse Eagles Aaron Santi Johnnybananas UWL Green Team Nick's UWL team UWL Team - Wellik UWL_SPRINGREENERS Hannah Ketterhagen Tyler Nachtigals Team Stuck in the house and have to do this teammates: 246 Total Points: 27132  
Rank: 10 Name: Dickinson College Teams: Dickinson Test Dickinson Green Devils 2018 Dickinson Green Devils 2020 teammates: 216 Total Points: 21013  
Rank: 11 Name: Northern illinois university Teams: EPFE 201 - 9 EPFE Section 8 EPFE Section 07 Epfe 201 fall 19 Section 8 EPFE 201 Green Paws Environmental Alliance teammates: 51 Total Points: 20539  
Rank: 12 Name: METLIFE GLOBAL OPERATION SUPPORT CENTRE PVT LTD Teams: AMS Warriors We Mean Green EBS Eco Challenger 2019 Eco-Logical Intellectuals teammates: 19 Total Points: 17726  
Rank: 13 Name: Heartland Community College Teams: Heartland College Fall 2020 EASC111 teammates: 88 Total Points: 16613  
Rank: 14 Name: UWL Teams: ENV UWLAX BRAUN teammates: 59 Total Points: 15657  
Rank: 15 Name: Washington College Center for Environment & Society Teams: Washington College Center for Environment & Society- Fall Flock Together Challenge! teammates: 65 Total Points: 15257  
Rank: 16 Name: UW La Crosse Teams: Team 2B Joe R. Wallner Sophie Sherry Sam Kaider's team UWL ENV TEAM BRAUN teammates: 32 Total Points: 12852  
Rank: 17 Name: Brookdale Community College Teams: Amanda Tote Aline’s friends Green Team Brookdale teammates: 80 Total Points: 10981  
Rank: 18 Name: Washington University in St Louis Teams: Green Cup 2019 LK Green Cup 2019 We Sustaining πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Green Cup 2019 JKL Green Cup 2019 WGE JKL Green Stampede 19-20 Green Cup 19-20 HIG Green Cup 19-20 WGE Green Cup 19-20 Eliot Green Cup 2019 LeeBeau Green Cup 2019 WayCrow Green Cup 2019 Brookings Green Cup 19-20 Brookings Green Cup 19-20 Park/Mudd teammates: 250 Total Points: 10061  
Rank: 19 Name: Northern Arizona University Teams: Cow Huggers ENV 181 Game Changers teammates: 104 Total Points: 8878  
Rank: 20 Name: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus Teams: Fall 2019 April Ann's ESR 171! teammates: 14 Total Points: 7665  
Rank: 21 Name: San Bernardino Valley College Teams: Human Ecology SBVC teammates: 27 Total Points: 7507  
Rank: 22 Name: The Hun School of Princeton Teams: Gale House Edger House Shield House Hun School Quill House Hun School Shield House teammates: 186 Total Points: 7352  
Rank: 23 Name: HTWK Leipzig Teams: Tag-Team Leco Vision Think Green HTWK Leipzig PV Team Green HTWK teammates: 18 Total Points: 6726  
Rank: 24 Name: Wenatchee Valley College Teams: WVC Geographers teammates: 31 Total Points: 6428  
Rank: 25 Name: Northwestern University Teams: Northwestern University Earth Month 2020 teammates: 51 Total Points: 6398  
Rank: 26 Name: North Seattle College Teams: NSC Sustainability NSC Earth Week Challenge 2020 teammates: 53 Total Points: 6169  
Rank: 27 Name: Pagosa Springs High School Teams: DeGuise Black 2021 Gold Burch Kurzy Klass Pagosa Gold Pagosa Gray Pagosa Black Pagosa White Pagosa Silver Pagosa Yellow Senior Silver PSHS Gold 2022 Grey Squad 2023 PSHS Junior Gray Schweizer's Advisory teammates: 124 Total Points: 6130  
Rank: 28 Name: Colgate University Teams: Bri Brown Commons Team Ciccone Commons Team Mabel Dart Colegrove Commons Team Colgate University- Hancock Commons teammates: 80 Total Points: 5900  
Rank: 29 Name: Princeton University Teams: EcoReps Test First College Rocky College Butler College Forbes College Mathey College Whitman College teammates: 48 Total Points: 5500  
Rank: 30 Name: Clarkson University Teams: Ormsby 1 Swimming and Diving Reynolds 1 Clarkson ISE Clarkson TXA Delta Upsilon Team Vegemite TImber Bridge Theta Phi Alpha Sustainable Synergy Team Whatchamacallit Colleges Against Cancer OSL - Office of Student Life teammates: 75 Total Points: 5409  
Rank: 31 Name: Haverford College Teams: Quaker House!!! Haverford Black Squirrels teammates: 81 Total Points: 4732