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UFV Ecochallenge 2023


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Improve a Bus Stop

I will improve a bus stop in my neighborhood by posting the stop schedule, adding seating or shelter, adding art or flowers, picking up litter, or some other small improvement.


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    Transportation Improve a Bus Stop
    In what ways can you advocate for transportation systems which minimize environmental impact while also meeting human needs?

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    Gurnoor Aujla 10/10/2023 12:26 PM
    Start and indulge friends/family into carpooling, use bike wherever possible and i just generally walk most of the time

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      Emily Nies 10/10/2023 12:36 PM
      My family is very guilty of using gas like it is an infinite resource. Once I proved to them how much we could save by carpooling and calculating trips to consume to least amount of fuel, it’s the first thing we talk about when we want to head somewhere! Our car trips are 1/3 of the time now and we save dozens each week.