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Emma Jacobson

Remsburg 0925 spring 2024


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Reduce Single-Use Disposables

Cheap, single-use items and disposable packaging end up blowing around as litter more often in poor and POC-majority neighborhoods. I will find out how I can limit single-use items and do my best to limit the waste I generate.


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    Emma Jacobson 4/09/2024 12:48 PM
    I think this challenge is going well for me. Something that I am doing to be successful in this challenge is to turn down single-use plastic disposables and find a better alternative. For example, when I went to the store, instead of bulk buying and using the single-use plastic bags, I used my own reusable bags and mason jars and bought the items that way. Or instead of using single-use cups for a drink, I bring my refillable water bottle pretty much everywhere with me. This adds little, if none, extra work or time into my life. These changes are quite easy, it's just a matter of thinking ahead and showing up prepared with alternatives. So it even helps with planning and my memory I have found out.