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Colin Naldoza

capstone spring 2024


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Use Public Transit

I will use public transit 2 mile(s) each day and avoid sending up to (___) lbs of CO2 into Earth's atmosphere.



Engage In Active Listening

I will practice actively listening to a friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance, or someone who I may disagree with in at least 3 conversations.



Use Reusable Bottles

I will use a reusable bottle and stop purchasing bottled water, saving 3 disposable plastic bottle(s) a day.



Heat and Cool Naturally

I will naturally heat and cool my house, office, or dorm room by opening or closing my windows, curtains, and blinds, and by using fans.



Reduce Single-Use Disposables

Cheap, single-use items and disposable packaging end up blowing around as litter more often in poor and POC-majority neighborhoods. I will find out how I can limit single-use items and do my best to limit the waste I generate.


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  • Colin Naldoza's avatar
    Colin Naldoza 5/20/2024 5:53 PM
    In this week's transportation eco challenge, I decided to start taking the bus more. I usually avoid taking the bus places and either drive or ask a friend to drive with me somewhere. I typically take the MAX lines for longer distances and try to avoid the bus. However, using the bus for greater distances has actually been my preferred method. If I need to get around places frequently in a day, I will usually get the day pass. One tap gives you about 2.5 hours and I can sometimes get to reuse my ticket in time for a second bus ride. For me, buses are also a better experience for traveling than MAX.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 5/23/2024 6:52 PM
      what is it about the max that you dislike? i know some people find mass transit inconvenient or unsafe.

  • Colin Naldoza's avatar
    Colin Naldoza 5/15/2024 11:43 AM
    For this week's community ecochallenge, I decided to focus on active listening. I have noticed that in both my personal and larger communities, there can sometimes be a disconnect between people who disagree with each other. Instead of focusing on resolving an issue, people are sometimes quick to dismiss one another without considering other points of view. There is also a tendency to come out of a conflict as the winner or being right. I feel like it should be more about exchanging ideas and sustaining relationships. I am already someone who tends to listen rather than speak but I notice more things when I am actively listening. It allows me to come up with more thoughtful responses rather than keeping things surface-level. I also notice that those who talk more than listen catch on to my process of active listening and they try to match me.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 5/15/2024 6:22 PM
      Colin I think listening is one of the most underrated but important social skill especially these days!

  • Colin Naldoza's avatar
    Colin Naldoza 5/05/2024 7:52 PM
    This week, I planned to reduce the amount of plastic waste by avoiding plastic bottled water/soda. Some steps I have taken for this is buying a Brita pitcher. I used to buy bottled water and seltzer, which was more convenient for me. However, I find this to be incredibly wasteful. Buying a Brita pitcher along with the filters is a little bit of an investment, but I have been saving money over time. The next step for me is to move away from soda and seltzer. Since I learned that even seltzer is not good for your teeth, I have been buying less of it. Sticking to water is probably the best choice financially and for my health. I am still generating waste from using a Brita pitcher so any recommendations would be appreciated.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 5/06/2024 5:36 PM
      getting a water filter is a good idea these days! its fun to experiment with adding fruit juice or mint leaves to add variety to drinking water

  • Colin Naldoza's avatar
    Colin Naldoza 4/21/2024 7:09 PM
    The building I live in can get very warm, even in the winter time. Because of this, I tend to avoid using the heater. When I do get cold, I shut the windows and maybe put on a sweater. Although getting cold is rarely a problem, it can get quite hot at times. Luckily, I have a box fan so I can use that to get fresh air circulating. I am worried about this summer because of recent heat waves in Portland. I may need to insulate my room by closing the windows and using curtains in the morning and letting in fresh air at night.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 4/22/2024 3:22 PM
      i have a lot of success opening windows all night then keeping shades drawn during the day in summer.

  • Colin Naldoza's avatar
    Colin Naldoza 4/14/2024 2:59 PM
    For this week, I focused on reducing plastic waste in the produce section of grocery stores. I realized that I did not have any paper bags or small reusable bags to put my produce in. Instead, I used one reusable grocery bag to fit all my produce in. For some reason, I thought that putting fruits and vegetables in plastic bags was required and I never had a second thought about it. I also used plastic to keep my produce clean from when I checkout to when I get home. After I use the produce, the plastic gets thrown away. My experience with using a reusable bag to put my produce in had avoided using any single-use plastics. The only other thing I needed to figure out was how to keep the produce fresh. I opted for using paper bags or hand towels to cover the produce, which still needs further optimizing on my part. This eco challenge was very easy to do and just needed a reusable bag and awareness of plastic waste.

    • Ashlynn Martorello's avatar
      Ashlynn Martorello 4/15/2024 9:54 PM
      It is great that using reusable bags is beneficial for the environment. I work as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store and whenever I see customers use their reusable bags/ bags that were previously brought home, I feel that it does help the store save up bags for another who doesn't have any at all. But I feel my store should focus more on using totes only, but it may not happen because of production costs and lack of resources. But it would be the best solution out there.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 4/14/2024 6:40 PM
      i like the bag! yes i remember when i realized that i did not need to package individual produce, but i do now have a reusable mesh bag from fred meyer for this

    • Jan Semerak's avatar
      Jan Semerak 4/14/2024 3:21 PM
      Hey Colin,
      Nice work skipping the plastic bags! It's such a simple change, but it makes a big difference. I like the idea of using paper bags and towels is smart. Got to keep that produce fresh! Thanks for the inspiration to cut down on waste. Keep it going!