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CEO (Center for Employment Opportunities) Eco-Challenge Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 11:02 AM
    This challenge has been extremely fun!!
    Health Audit Toxic Cleaning Products
    To what extent do environmental factors contribute to your own health or issues with health?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:56 AM
    I have done a lot of research in this and now a days it is very hard to avoid toxic products. The changes I have done are switching out my detergent, body wash and shampoo for cleaner products that have less toxins. I purchased homemade candles and avoid fragrant dryer sheets, soaps or sprays. Every time I purchase groceries or dog treats I also ensure to buy the version that has the least ingredients and pick the healthier versions.
    Energy Choose LED Bulbs
    Switching out your lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! In what other ways can you exercise your civic duty to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:53 AM
    I use 90% solar lights in my backyard, I dry clothes outside for a few minutes before throwing them in the dryer, I recycle water, cans and bottles and I also use my compost garbage can.
    Energy Choose Clean/Renewable Energy
    How might you be able to get others involved in advocating for the shift to clean energy?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:51 AM
    What I have done to advocate for clean energy is share with my closest neighbors my interest in getting solar panels installed in my home, this actually encouraged us to discuss the pros and cons of this type of change.
    Community Volunteer in my Community
    What is one thing you can do to help your community become more sustainable?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:50 AM
    I support my community by exchanging organic produce with my neighbors, buying from farmers markets and also going to the Magnolia Project to obtain organic produce at no cost. I actually have an appointment to go there this afternoon, looking forward to it!
    Community Research Restorative Justice
    How can Restorative Justice help foster the well-being of both people and planet?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:48 AM
    When people don't have to worry about social injustice issues, they have more time to spend on their wellbeing, this can naturally sometimes lead into caring and acknowledging their surroundings, which can help improve the environment.
    Health Reduce refined sugar
    Before you started this challenge, did you think you were 'addicted' to sugar? How do you feel now?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:39 AM
    I definitely was, am and will be addicted to sugar forever lol but I have made HUGE changes in this addiction. I have not had soda in one year and I always switch out white sugar to other healthier choices. I also just purchased organic brown sugar on my last Costco trip.
    Food Visit A Local Farm
    How do our current food growing and manufacturing processes affect our future and the future of Earth?

    Genesee Hernandez's avatar
    Genesee Hernandez 3/29/2024 10:37 AM
    I need to learn more about our current food growing processes, but what I do know is that I truly enjoy growing my own food, the taste is always very different compared to store bought items, its so convenient to just go out to the garden and pick something and it is very gratifying to dedicate time and energy into growing an edible garden.

  • Laura Anne Baird's avatar
    Laura Anne Baird 3/29/2024 8:21 AM
    Happy Friday! What a great day to end a challenge!

  • Jacqueline Castillo's avatar
    Jacqueline Castillo 3/28/2024 9:49 PM
    I'm obsessed 😍 with mushrooms 🍄 they're beautiful.