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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Transportation Use Public Transit
    The US spends roughly 20% of its federal budget on defense. In contrast, 2% goes to education, 20% goes to social security and just 3% goes to transportation infrastructure. Do these numbers surprise you at all? Why or why not? How would you adjust them if you could?

    Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/19/2023 5:24 AM
    honestly those number don’t surprised me especially coming from the states, not having a car seems almost impossible. sure we are a larger nation but that being said there is enough smart people to fix this problem of cars and emmissions at hand
    Simplicity Go For A Daily Walk Outside
    Fresh air and movement are good for our entire being and can help us think more clearly and creatively. How does taking a walk each day affect yourself and/or your work?

    Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/19/2023 5:22 AM
    everytime you go for a walk take a trash bag:)
    Health Joyful Movement
    What's your favorite activity(ies) in which you experience joy while being active and moving?

    Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/19/2023 5:21 AM
    i’ve been dancing a whole bunch more which has really made me happy!
    and more stretching / yoga which is good for the body and mind :)

  • Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/19/2023 5:20 AM
    my why is for those who are feeling the effects of climate change and yet are not the ones who are causing it. i am fighting for them

  • Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/19/2023 5:18 AM
    walked into town today with a trash bag and filled up the whole thing before i even got to my bud stop to clean up 😩

  • Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/18/2023 8:13 AM
    last week of eco challenge!!!
    so surprised i remembered to log in my daily activities wow

  • Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/17/2023 6:12 AM
    rawr I have so much homework but reminding myself it is important to take breaks and do stuff I love (like going outside!!!)

  • Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/13/2023 10:33 AM
    went for a run after a wee walk and then took a much needed nap after :)))

  • Caleb Robinson's avatar
    Caleb Robinson 9/13/2023 1:08 AM
    This challenge is making me more conscious about my actions and helps me stay on track to achieve my daily goals

  • Oli Miller's avatar
    Oli Miller 9/05/2023 1:18 AM
    My campus’s ecochallenge is going well! Maybe that has something to do with the fact that my team is winning but it is super opening and connecting within myself and the earth:)