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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 142 Name: Au Sable Institute Teams: Au Sable Institute teammates: 1 Total Points: 37  
Rank: 60 Name: Austin Community College Teams: Austin Community College teammates: 4 Total Points: 1534  
Rank: 63 Name: Bard College Teams: Bard BardE3s Bard McWilliams Bard Yauch House Bard Mckenzie House teammates: 21 Total Points: 1354  
Rank: 157 Name: Barrie Forest and Natural Learning School Teams: Barrie Forest and Natural Learning School Eco-Challenge teammates: 1 Total Points: 5  
Rank: 157 Name: Berthoud high school Teams: asstastic savage teammates: 1 Total Points: 5  
Rank: 78 Name: Bitch Media Teams: Ecochallenge masters teammates: 2 Total Points: 881  
Rank: 99 Name: Brandywine High School Teams: Brandywine High School teammates: 6 Total Points: 243  
Rank: 20 Name: Brookdale Community College Teams: Amanda Tote Aline‚Äôs friends Green Team Brookdale teammates: 80 Total Points: 10981  
Rank: 70 Name: Bruny Island District School Teams: Team Bruny Kids teammates: 14 Total Points: 1158  
Rank: 6 Name: Bucknell University Teams: BucknellRandos ENST 246: Fall 2020 Sustainable Bucknell ENST 246 : Environmental Activism teammates: 124 Total Points: 36673  
Rank: 156 Name: California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo Teams: Cal Poly, Career Services teammates: 1 Total Points: 6  
Rank: 83 Name: California State University Channel Islands Teams: CSU Channel Islands teammates: 9 Total Points: 601  
Rank: 138 Name: California State University Stanislaus Teams: Stan State Eco Challenge Team teammates: 5 Total Points: 42  
Rank: 150 Name: Cal Poly Teams: Cal Poly teammates: 1 Total Points: 20  
Rank: 157 Name: Carmenita Middle School Teams: Carmenita Middle School teammates: 1 Total Points: 5  
Rank: 130 Name: Carondelet High School Teams: Carondelet High School teammates: 5 Total Points: 71  
Rank: 101 Name: Carthage College Teams: Test Team Da Dream Team Team Corn Gobblers HedbergLibraryGreenTeam teammates: 8 Total Points: 206  
Rank: 111 Name: Central Piedmont Community College Teams: Earth Club CPCC teammates: 2 Total Points: 136  
Rank: 148 Name: CFP Teams: Leesa teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 48 Name: Chapman University Teams: Civic Panthers teammates: 30 Total Points: 2712  
Rank: 119 Name: CHEGAS Academy Teams: CHEGAS teammates: 3 Total Points: 104  
Rank: 100 Name: City of Collinsville - Willoughby Farm Teams: WILLOUGHBY FARM teammates: 2 Total Points: 217  
Rank: 95 Name: Clark Atlanta University Teams: CAU Panthers teammates: 17 Total Points: 258  
Rank: 79 Name: Clarkson Hill Campus Teams: Ross 1 teammates: 19 Total Points: 861  
Rank: 76 Name: Clarkson University Teams: Ross 4 Cubley 3 Thomas 3 Athletics Clarkson Keepers teammates: 19 Total Points: 1013  
Rank: 33 Name: Clarkson University Teams: Ormsby 1 Swimming and Diving Reynolds 1 Clarkson ISE Clarkson TXA Delta Upsilon Team Vegemite TImber Bridge Theta Phi Alpha Sustainable Synergy Team Whatchamacallit Colleges Against Cancer OSL - Office of Student Life teammates: 75 Total Points: 5409  
Rank: 58 Name: Colby College Teams: Colby College teammates: 35 Total Points: 1578  
Rank: 154 Name: Colby-Sawyer College Teams: CSC sus Team teammates: 2 Total Points: 10  
Rank: 27 Name: Colgate University Teams: Bri Brown Commons Team Ciccone Commons Team Mabel Dart Colegrove Commons Team Colgate University- Hancock Commons Kappa Kappa Gamma- Colgate University teammates: 90 Total Points: 6332  
Rank: 157 Name: College of St. Benedict/St. John's University Teams: CSB Students teammates: 1 Total Points: 5