Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 1 name: Point Loma Nazarene University teams: PLNU Sustainable Sealions Spring 2019 BUS 475 at PLNU Sustainable Sealion Superstars PLNU Sustainability in Action (BUS475) teammates: 69 Total Points: 52724  
rank: 2 name: Family and friends teams: Green Revolution teammates: 30 Total Points: 34178  
rank: 3 name: Dickinson College teams: Dickinson Green Devils teammates: 207 Total Points: 20577  
rank: 4 name: Bucknell University teams: BucknellRandos Sustainable Bucknell ENST 246 : Environmental Activism teammates: 98 Total Points: 19340  
rank: 5 name: Viterbo University teams: Pledge to Go Green! teammates: 202 Total Points: 18749  
rank: 6 name: METLIFE GLOBAL OPERATION SUPPORT CENTRE PVT LTD teams: AMS Warriors We Mean Green EBS Eco Challenger 2019 teammates: 19 Total Points: 18105  
rank: 7 name: Hawaii Pacific University teams: Green Sharks HPU Sharkys 808sharks Team Green Pollution Patrol Infinity, Matt, Puka-HPU teammates: 18 Total Points: 8729  
rank: 8 name: HTWK Leipzig teams: Tag-Team Leco Vision Think Green HTWK Leipzig PV Team Green HTWK teammates: 18 Total Points: 6730  
rank: 9 name: Washington University in St Louis teams: Green Cup 2019 LK Green Cup 2019 Green Cup 2019 JKL Green Cup 2019 WGE Green Cup 2019 LeeBeau Green Cup 2019 WayCrow Green Cup 2019 Brookings teammates: 123 Total Points: 6587  
rank: 10 name: Clarkson University teams: Ormsby 1 Swimming and Diving Reynolds 1 Clarkson ISE Clarkson TXA Delta Upsilon Team Vegemite TImber Bridge Theta Phi Alpha Sustainable Synergy Team Whatchamacallit Colleges Against Cancer OSL - Office of Student Life teammates: 74 Total Points: 5406  
rank: 11 name: UWL teams: ENV UWLAX BRAUN teammates: 26 Total Points: 5303  
rank: 12 name: University of Wisconsin- La Crosse teams: Remsburg’s La Crosse Eagles teammates: 62 Total Points: 5021  
rank: 13 name: Haverford College teams: Quaker House!!! Haverford Black Squirrels teammates: 81 Total Points: 4757  
rank: 14 name: Universidad de Monterrey teams: UDEM 2018 EcoChallenge teammates: 63 Total Points: 4472  
rank: 15 name: Community College of Vermont teams: Brattlevores teammates: 21 Total Points: 3667  
rank: 16 name: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse teams: UWL Green Team teammates: 23 Total Points: 3578  
rank: 17 name: University of Arizona North Valley teams: Gang Green of AZ teammates: 13 Total Points: 2839  
rank: 18 name: Washington University in St. Louis teams: Green Cup 2019 HIG Green Cup 2019 Eliot Green Cup 2019 USOFO Green Cup 2019 Park/Mudd teammates: 18 Total Points: 2537  
rank: 19 name: McDaniel College Green Life teams: big chillin teammates: 12 Total Points: 2392  
rank: 20 name: SUNY Polytechnic Institute teams: SUNY Poly Green Team teammates: 14 Total Points: 2322  
rank: 21 name: MetLife teams: Earf Day Crew MetLife PPA QA teammates: 2 Total Points: 2206  
rank: 22 name: The Tech Museum of Innovation teams: YCAS 2018 teammates: 37 Total Points: 2022  
rank: 23 name: Drew university teams: Tierra Verde Drew University Theological School teammates: 13 Total Points: 1742  
rank: 24 name: Austin Community College teams: Austin Community College teammates: 4 Total Points: 1534  
rank: 25 name: Jesuit High School teams: Jesuit Art PDX teammates: 46 Total Points: 1355  
rank: 26 name: Bruny Island District School teams: Team Bruny Kids teammates: 14 Total Points: 1158  
rank: 27 name: Clarkson University teams: Ross 4 Cubley 3 Thomas 3 Athletics Clarkson Keepers teammates: 19 Total Points: 1013  
rank: 28 name: Clarkson Hill Campus teams: Ross 1 teammates: 19 Total Points: 861  
rank: 29 name: Keene State College teams: Keene State College teammates: 9 Total Points: 456  
rank: 30 name: Santa Teresa High School teams: Urth Club teammates: 3 Total Points: 387